Friday, 10 June 2016

The cavalry is coming!

I've had quite the productive week. I've managed to finish building and spraying all cavalry, including the leader types for both forces. I've also built and sprayed the cannons and a few of the infantry men. And I've put the farmhouse together. So, I now have to decide what colours to use. I have to say that I'm leaning towards painting the Union force as a coloured force which for me would mean either the 54th Massachusetts or the 4th USC because I have books on both and I can at least look stuff up. However, I don't yet know if either of those regiments fought with zouaves, since there are obviously zouaves in the box. I shall have to investigate and find out what's what.

I have to say putting all this together has been relatively simple. I have chosen to put the cavalrymen on their horses because I am a bit lazy and didn't want to paint them separately. I put them slightly staggered on their bases to make them fit better together and I'm quite happy that their 'movement' looks better as well.

Union Cavalry

Confederate Cavalry

Conferderate (l) and Union (r) leader

Cannons - obviously

Standish Farm
I've called it Standish farm because I will use this in my Old West games as well. Mike Standish, his wife Sierra and their dog Foxtrot will be painted later on.

The observant among you might have noticed my strange basing for the infantry. I'm only doing this so I can easily paint the models. I don't have any wooden stirrers or something to put them on, so I thought I'd do it like this. I'll base them properly after they're painted. Right, next time hopefully some stuff with a little bit of paint on.

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